Friday, August 28, 2009

Education's Best Communication Tool; Digital Signage Systems

I have served in the education field for 18 years, nine years as a building principal. Through my 18 years in education serving on numerous building committees and district strategic planning committees, I have identified the number one problem in education; lack of communication, both internal and external.

In the classroom, I have supported teachers use of smartboards as an educational tool. Outside of the classroom, I am supporting building principals and other educational institutes use of a digital signage display to increase and improve both internal and external communication. Communication is one area in which public education schools and other education institutions are likely to face further pressure to improve their performance.

The demand placed on public education schools today is outrageous. Get the standardized scores, increase positive behaviors, teach responsibility, assess, assess, assess...It's not unlikely to read how public school education is failing, but the reality is, public school education is performing now better than ever. However, the problem is people have no clue what is going on in the schools, and how well public school education is today.

My greatest public school education concern has a potential solution and I am excited to tell you that digital signage displays is the answer. Digital Signage systems are changing the mode of communication at education institutions. They are making life easier for both faculty and students, and also saving time and money.
Get rid of the wall trash filled with those flyer's and thumbtacks and keep an eye out for a sleek, flat-panel digital screen where that bulletin board used to be.

Digital signage presents a number of significant benefits for schools. It is a way of communicating information instantly across an entire campus setting, replacing existing noticeboards with dynamic, eye catching screens that can show everything from lunch menus to pupils' work and details of after-school clubs. I have found it easy to publish digital signage content for general announcements, daily news, lunch menu, and sporting events. Digital Signage is an ideal solution for classrooms, hallways, auditoriums, gymnasiums, libraries, assembly halls or anywhere educators rely on audio and/or visual systems to convey a message.

As a result of my never ending schedule and the simplicity of my digital signage system, I am able to assign volunteer parents with no special computer skills to maintain my information displayed on my digital signage system. What this means is that existing content can be scheduled and displayed immediately, without any delay.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Does Digital Signage Belittle the Consumer?

Silently targeting your Audience is a phrase that I have read over and over when researching the advantages of Digital Signage. Increase repeat buyers by 32% is a statistic that I have promoted. I have also mentioned how digital signage provides you with the best tool to, “narrowcast” to your researched targeted audience by placing your signage players in a researched targeted place that your researched targeted groups frequently visit.

Do we really want our consumers to act like sheep? Are we using are researched marketing strategies to belittle our consumers?

Do college campuses belittle their teenage students to make a quick buck by using digital signage as a medium to take their pocket change? Do their opinions matter or are we trying to brainwash them with brand awareness and niche products?

If you are only using your digital signage player to make a quick buck, you are cheating your business, school, and the consumers. Remember your researched targeted audiences are; powerful, creative, educated people, not sheep, and deserve to be treated with respect. Marketer's must realize the power of Digital Signage and also understand the power of respect and trust consumers and students deserve.