Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Best Approach to Brand Awareness Problems

One of the challenges for any small to mid size business is how to increase brand awareness. While a thirty second spot during the Super Bowl is probably out of your price range, there are still a few inexpensive brand building strategies.

First things first-what exactly is brand awareness? As you might have already guessed from the simplicity of the term, brand awareness means making sure that the public knows who you are and what your company does.

But brand awareness is not something you can simply order over the phone or hope to receive under your Christmas tree-historically, it has taken decades and often a huge marketing budget for companies to create brand awareness. Honestly, do you think McDonald's became McDonald's simply be selling salty French fries? No, they became a worldwide phenomenon by creating a brand and an image that people have come to rely on.

So what is a new business to do?

Though television and internet advertising can be extremely expensive and difficult for any small or mid size business to afford, technology has given us other options. One of the hottest new advertising options is digital signage.

Sure, it may sound a bit strange, but digital signage has been called the brand building strategy of the future. What exactly is digital signage?

Digital signage is a brand marketing awareness strategy that consists of using electronic displays to show targeted information and advertisements. Digital signs may take the form of LCDs, LEDs or plasma displays. They are often found in public building like shopping malls, retail stores or movie theaters. They may even be found in the grocery store.

What you must know

Before you get involved in digital signage it is imperative that your company perform a good deal of product and market research. You may even want to compile a brand marketing awareness strategy that lets you know exactly what course of action you should take. If one of your brand strategies turns out to be digital signage then you will want to learn everything you can about this new marketing technique.


Even though it is an extremely new form of advertising, we do know that digital signage is both versatile and personal. It allows you to create specific messages and deliver them to your target market in the right place and at the right time. And studies show that that is one of the most effective brand strategies to help you build brand awareness and increase repeat sales.


Just like in real-estate the key to digital signage is location, location, location. You have to know who your target market is and where they will be. Once you discover this you have to know exactly what to say to them. This is the all important brand building message that should stick in people's heads like a catchy pop song. This message may take the form of a witty slogan or simply a convincing argument, but it must be brief and it must be memorable.

In the end, a good brand marketing awareness strategy must aid you in locating your target audience and telling them what you think they need to know about your product or service.


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