Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to Increase Brand Awareness in Your Small to Mid Size Business

Pepsi has it! Nike has it! McDonalds has it! Polo has it! If you guessed a huge Marketing Budget, you are right. But that was not the question. The question was how can you immediately recognize the existence of each company's product or service? They have created there brand awareness, now it’s your turn small business owners.

What Does Brand Awareness Mean? Wikipedia defines brand awareness as a marketing concept that refers to a consumer knowing of a brand's existence. Think about it, immediately upon identify the Nike swoosh, you think of sporting goods. Creating brand awareness or brand recognition is one of the key steps in promoting a product and then keeping the customer for repeat sales.

Increase Your Brand Awareness
What if I tell you that I can increase your brand awareness by at least 47% with the purchase of a single product. In addition, generate a minimum of over 32% growth in repeat buyers by purchasing the same product. The product is a simple to use, inexpensive, web faced device called Digital Signage Display.

Based on your product research and sale cycle information, the digital signage display allows you to customize specific target messages at the right time, and just as important, the right place, to your specific target market.

How does Digital Signage Increase Brand Awareness
Do you know your target market? Do you know your competitive advantage? By displaying the right message at the right time, you are silently increasing your Brand Awareness of the product you wish to market. By exposing your targeted market to customized and consistent messaging, think Nike, your customers are intrinsically developing a recall and identification with your targeted product. The up-sell is huge to small business. Once your targeted customer identifies with a particular brand, the purchase decision is made, in your favor.

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