Friday, September 4, 2009

Easy Steps to Increase Brand Awareness in Small to Midsize Businesses

In order to be successful every business must market their product or services. This can be accomplished though the use of an effective brand marketing awareness strategy. In simple terms, this is a strategy that helps businesses find the best advertising method for them. While most companies go the traditional route and advertise on television or the internet, for many small to mid size businesses these brand strategies are simply too expensive to take part in. That is why many are turning to digital signage.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a kind of electronic display that shows advertising and other information. As you might have guessed, they are not really signs but rather LCD, LED or plasma display screens that are often found in places like shopping malls, movie theaters or the grocery store. While digital signage is also found outside like normal billboards, the cost of advertising on huge outdoor screens is often too expensive for small and midsize businesses.

The primary reason that digital signage is such an effective brand marketing awareness strategy is simple: it helps businesses deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. These brand strategies have also proven to provide a superior return on investment when compared to traditional advertising.

Find your Audience

The key to any digital signage campaign is to identify your targeted audience as well as the places they frequent. This may be shopping malls, retail stores or even grocery stores. Once a company has made these determinations, they must then decide on a message. Every consumer can quote a number of their favorite slogans or jingles that they identify with a particular company, and it is this message that is essential to brand building. The message may take the form of a catchy slogan or simply a convincing argument as to why a consumer should avail himself of your services.


Though it is a relatively new marketing strategy, digital signage has proved to be one of the most effective brand strategies for small and mid size businesses. In fact, many companies who have chosen it as their primary brand building strategy have seen a substantial increase in sales that can be directly attributed to in-store messages. What this means is that shoppers that belong to their target audience saw their message, responded to it, and then decided to purchase their product. It also means that the company made sales that they would not have otherwise made without the help of digital signage. We know this because many people who watch digital signage messages admit to making unplanned purchases. That is one of the reasons why it has proven to be such an effective brand marketing awareness strategy for smaller businesses.

In conclusion, while digital signage may not turn your company into Pepsi Cola overnight, it has proven to be an effective brand building strategy for small and mid size businesses. It not only allows them to reach their target audience for a relatively modest sum, but it also gives the opportunity to speak to them while they are shopping.


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