Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Digital Signage Advantages for Small Business

My blogging goal today is to share with you the many advantages associated with running a Digital Signage Display in your small business. By the end of the blog, I hope that you are envisioning your own business success and how you might utilize a Digital Signage display to improve upon your business success.

There are many names associated with Digital Signage; Digital Signage Networks, Out Of Home (OOH) Networks, Place-Based Advertising Networks, In-Store Networks, Narrowcasting Networks, Community Networks, Facility Networks, or just "TV-like" Networks -- Regardless of what they are called there is one thing most everyone agrees upon: Digital Signage provides an extremely effective and efficient method of communication and has a huge impact on individual behavior.

Many recent industry reports have been published with similar results. Here are a few highlights from recently published reports:

300% sales increases when aided by a promotion(1)

29% of shoppers made an unplanned purchase based on what they saw on screens(1)

68% of shoppers said in-store messages help their purchase decisions(2)

44% of consumers said they would switch a product they previously intended to purchase(2)

40% of consumers said they took note or watched the entire ad (2)

Sources: (1) 2006, Nielsen Media Research; digital signage does influence consumer behavior, (2) 2006, Research by Arbitron & Scarsborough; Digital Sigange and consumers.

If you have any questions on how Digital Signage can improve your small business, send me your name and email addess at the bottom of the page and I will return your question within 24 hours.

In addition to questions, I would like to hear testimonials on how Digital Signage has improved your small to mid size business.


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